Behmor Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker Review

Behmor Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker Review


Behmor Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker Review

The innovative Brazen Plus Customizable Temperature Control Brew System from Behmor delivers the full potential of your favorite roast thanks to temperature control technology previously only available in commercial brewers. Forget spending boutique prices for a cup of coffee–for the first time, coffee lovers can bring out the best flavors in any coffee using adjustable settings for pre-soak and temperature. A patent-pending feature even allows temperature calibration with altitude correction enabling coffee drinkers at higher elevations to brew coffee at exact temperatures.

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Behmor Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker Review

The Brazen Plus extracts the best your coffee has to offer with pulsed water flow that saturates grounds completely and pre-soak which allows flavor to bloom. Beyond the brew cycle, Behmor Brazen Plus keeps coffee fresher and hotter longer, thanks to an exceptionally well made thermal carafe that pours as well as it looks. Connoisseurs will appreciate the machine’s clean lines and fine details including a stainless steel water reservoir, extra capacity professional style grounds basket, reusable gold filter with easy flow mesh, and a removable water screen. Fully programmable, you can wake up to your coffee made fresh by the Brazen Plus every day.

The Brazen Plus is engineered differently than other coffee makers to ensure a terrific cup of coffee. Set an accurate brewing temperature and pre-soak time. Let the oversized showerhead and pulsed water flow fully extract the coffee grounds. The results will be a cup of coffee that will bring out a coffee’s true profile; fruity, chocolaty, floral, bold. Enjoy coffee at home like it should be.

Behmor Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker Product Features

  • Fully customizable, temperature control 8-cup coffee maker with pre-soak option and temperature calibration for high altitude
  • Pulsed water flow for ideal extraction; programmable pre-soak option enables coffee flavor to bloom ahead of brewing
  • Easy to operate digital controls with programmable brew start time
  • High-quality thermal carafe, stainless steel water reservoir, high capacity professional style brew basket, and reusable gold filter
  • 8-cup (1.2 liter/40 ounce) brew capacity; 2 year warranty
  • Double walled stainless steel thermal carafe
  • 1400 Watts
  • Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America 

Custom Brewing Features

Brewing Temperature Control

The Brazen Plus allows you to set the brewing temperature from 190-210F. The water brewing temperature is critical for ideal coffee extraction and recommended between 195-205F.

Pre-soak the coffee grounds

Set a pre-soak time from 15 seconds up to 4 minutes. A small amount of water added to beans before brewing allows the coffee to bloom and the extraction’s process to begin. Especially good for freshly ground coffees beans.

Pulsed water flow

The key to terrific brewed coffee is to fully saturate the coffee grounds. The Brazen Plus utilizes an oversized shower head and pulse brews the water to create turbulence in the coffee grounds bed to fully saturate them.

Wake to brewed coffee

The Brazen Plus can be programmed so you can wake up to or come home to a freshly brewed carafe of coffee.


Additional Features

Thermal Carafe

The Brazen Plus brews the coffee into a double walled stainless steel carafe that maintains your coffee’s temperature for hours without a warming burner. The carafe has a brew through lid so the heat is kept in during brewing.

Stainless Steel Water Reservoir/Heater

The Brazen Plus utilizes a stainless steel reservoir that is also the heater. It is easily accessible and easily identified if descaling is needed based on the minerals in your water. No more hidden heater and wondering if your coffee maker needs descaling.

Flat bottom filter basket and gold filter

The Brazen Plus uses an oversized ground basket with a flat bottom for more even extraction than V shaped grounds baskets. A gold tone permanent filter is included or you can remove this and brew using paper filters.

Specialty Coffee Certified

The Brazen Plus is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. It met their standards based on water brewing temperature, brew time, and for coffee extraction percentage.

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Behmor Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker Review

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